Many Christians often love to debate the superficial, the shallow, the trappings of our world, the “ungodliness” of tattoos, purple hair, and skirt lengths. Myself included, because when you’re dealing with heavy issues all the time, it’s like, Hallelujah! Let’s all just stop and talk about something really important……like my hair. Those who doubt the […]

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Author: guitartist858

Aloha Everyone! My name is Arthur ”Art” Olinger and this is my attempt to share my story. I’ve been touched and reclaimed by the Lord not many years ago when I was at the lowest in my life. The Lord came to where I was, lifted me up, dusted me off, and said. ”I got this.” Since then, I’ve been on this quest to know who this God is that He would care so much about me. I dug in immediately and began searching the Scriptures and any material that would reveal Him to me. I’ve come to realize that this is a lifetime endeavor as God reveals Himself in bits and pieces and cannot fit in any book. My prayer everyday, is that this hunger would continue within me, and that my pains will be my ministry to those the Lord puts in front of me. O o’e I’o! “He is God”